Round Up

Remember this guy…my piggy, Mr.Chan! He’s a bit sad it’s not the Year of The Pig but he’ll get over it. 2_2_15

If you remember from previous posts, I have been utilizing the techniques set forth by Dave Ramsey. A cash envelope system…’member? Well, anyway, when I use cash to purchase pet food, health/beauty supplies (like soap) or even my thrifting envelope…I save the change.

When I make a purchase from my cash envie, I keep the change.  Even if the purchase is $3.01, those 99c go right into Mr.Chan’s belly.

This past December Mr. Chan went to the market and depleted his belly into the coin counter…which I turned into an amazon gift card.  I figure I save about ten bux in coins per month in round-up coins. That translates into several news books, a midori insert or sticky memos!

So give it a chance, create a little slush fund and then do something fun with it!!


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2 thoughts on “Round Up

  1. I’m starting to work my way over to using cash (though I just did a online purchase on my card… but it wasn’t yarn! LOL!) and have been trying to be mindful of putting the change in my piggy bank… we’ll see how much I’ve got in a few months. 🙂

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