Reflections of a Lenten Fast

This year, I really couldn’t think of what I should abstain from for Lent. I no longer go out, drink, fall down, get back up and do it again. So removing alcohol wasn’t a choice. Soda, umm..maybe. Coffee, oh hells no.

So what should I do?

I thought I would abstain from purchasing of paper supplies, office supplies, pens, highlighters, sticky notes, washi tape and Filofaxes. Not even purchases from Etsy, Amazon or Pick Your Plum.  Cold turkey.

Yea well, that lasted nineteen days…Actually it was far better than I thought I would do. I was surprised I lasted 7 days to be truthful. For the past decade, any extra money I had went to camping gear, fabric, books and other medieval anachronistic endeavors. Now that my hobby is paper crafting…boy, I think I have enough paper supplies to make a tree cry.

So what did I learn….

  • Stay away from the flame. Old saying of “if you don’t want to get burned, stay away from the fire” is so true. I should have also removed myself from my Instagram and planner groups during the season. Seeing what others bought really enhanced my “want” meter
  • Suspend monthly auto purchases. I have a project life kit from Studio Calico, I should have suspended this during my “fast”
  • Do not carry your debit card unless it is for banking purposes (temptation, it’s burning a hole in your pocket my friend)
  • Pay cash for everything!

Most importantly, I learned that I do have enough. That God will always be the source of supply and having that washi tape is not going to fill my heart with gladness.

I gave up beer for Lent one year…and that was way easier than giving up my papery goodies!

Photo Source: JR. Forasteros (click to read others ideas of Lent)
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