(Re)Feathering My Nest

For the last couple of months I have been on a purging diet of my…well…my crap. I had loads of it hanging around. Items that I thought I would cherish forever but have been sitting in a closet and haven’t been seen or used. It all started with my bedroom closet. I took out all the clothes that were to big and gave away about three bags full of clothes to a very grateful friend.

I had been trying to sell the futon frame and computer desk that I had but I was getting no bites. I was encouraged to find a way to get them out of my apartment. So I listed them on FreeCycle and they were gone the very next day.  Then the flood gates opened and the redecorating began. I started Thursday evening with the living room. I moved my couch against the fireplace wall and it really opened up the space. Now I can do my yoga practice without a lot of banging into things. I hung my SCA awards on the opposite wall and covered a ratty old chest with some fabric and placed one of my SCA pictures on it.

I had a game-plan for the rest of the weekend. Saturday was all about the bedroom, Sunday was all about the Office, and Monday was all about the storage area.  Well, at least I had a game plan.  After work on Friday, I picked up five cheap black frames. These were purchased new. It was a decision to finish the project and not waste precious time at the thirft store trying to find frames that matched and then drive to hardware store for spray paint.  I hung the last few pictures and thought I would be done for the night.  So I thought. Really.  But no, I was onto the bed room. I was feeling pretty tired but I got my second wind and got started. With the desk gone I moved my dresser against a different wall, moved the bed to the wall next to the window and my keepsake bench to the opening to the closet and bath area.  I was given a Tiffany style dragonfly lamp years ago and that is now behind the bench.  Finished and hit the sack cuz I wore myself out.

So with the bedroom done on Friday, I started in on the office. I now have all my books out, organized and dust free. The computer has a new home and my desk is now a small roll top desk. The best thing is that most of the items that cause clutter now have a home. Computer supplies and post its are now on the small dresser. The desk has a couple of drawers that now house all the pens and pencils. Additional office supply storage is hanging from the back of the door. Shoe organizers make great storage solutions. Within a couple of hours I had to all in place, the computer working and craft area all done.

Ahead of schedule to say the least. Today was spent packing up Maggie with about five boxes of miscellaneous items, a small book case, and other various items that were cluttering the place up. I just have to secure the phone line for the modem and get rid of seventeen empty boxes!

I love that my “home” is finally set. That I have purged the things that keep me in the past. Metaphor for other things in my life…yea, you could say that.  I have a slideshow of all the changes I made. Enjoi!

So this is how I spent my Fourth of July weekend. The advantage of getting everything done (with the storage re-do scheduled for another weekend) I can spend tomorrow being lazy, making some tabbouleh, yoga, and simply enjoying my space.

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4 thoughts on “(Re)Feathering My Nest

  1. How cool…..I really love it!!!!! Creative and talent rolled up in one eensy, beeensy redhead…… 🙂

  2. Yay mOnkey! It’s funny how it starts to snowball, isn’t it? Freeing yourself from that one thing that you didn’t want to let go of just opens the floodgates to get rid of all the things that aren’t useful or beautiful to your eye.

    Like the living room set up, too! Lots more room, and especially since you weren’t going to use the fireplace.

    Good job!

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