reDo, PaRT DoS

This past Memorial weekend was spent re-arranging the apartment. With the help of my Not My Husband, I was able to get some of my project list completed. And with the recent purging of stuff, Not My Husband’s Wifey got to shop and use what ever she needed. At least I know my dad’s stereo went to a good home.

I started in the kitchen, just the basic clean as I really can’t change much of the structure. Also, I re-organized it back  in January. Those changes are just perfect. I was thinking about moving the table in the dining area but found that I gave up too much space for the recycling area and the configuration just looked off any other way.

In the living room, Not My Husband removed the big entertainment center (which went to the office) and removed an old TV and stereo systems I had not used on over 7 years. Then, moved the big tv into the cabinet space. I brought up the bench from my bedroom giving my living room some extra sitting space. With the large pillow beneath it the furry childrens have a place to rest and lounge too.

In the office, I put the rolltop desk into my bedroom. Removed the large four drawer file cabinet and placed the entertainment center into the corner. I only had to move a bookcase a bit to the left to allow space for the supply dresser. After using this for several days, I have found that the laptop doesn’t fit right with the desk but with the wireless now in the house, this has worked it’s self out. I only have to hook-up the lap top when I need to print anyway.

The bathroom area was just cleaned and no major changes there. The hallway had a book-case that I also removed and hung up a picture

And lastly, the bed room. I left the bed in the same area, added the roll top and moved the dresser.

It’s like I moved, but different

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