I am on day nine of my Yoga 21 Day Challenge. This far, I have lost a total of three pounds. Very happy. I am learning that my body is in perimenopause, of which comes with not only irritability but weight gain as all. I worked too hard the last couple of years, gaining it back is not an option.

I am focusing on portion control and weight watchers along with hot lemon water each morning, a natural appetite suppressant. Then the Yoga! Each session is just a few minutes but each one melds right into the next. I am struggling with the poses of downward  facing dog as I dealing with weak upper body and wrists. I know that with practice, this will only get better.

I also stopped by the library and got a couple of books to do a bit more research on this perimenopause. I would rather deal with it with knowledge then to suffer through it. Of course, if I can use herbs and vitamins and not drugs, more the better.

My AC decided, at the end of the wretched summer, that it no longer wants to work. I am sitting under my ceiling fan drinking strawberry infused water trying to keep cool. Luckily, it’s only 97 degrees today. Mother Nature seems to be in menopause! A massive storm hit Maricopa and Pinal County last night and a huge shade tree was blown down outside my apartment! Dude, it even smashed in a neighbors patio!

I had a girls night out last night in Tucson and enjoyed the cool brisk air…so glad that fall is just around the corner! I think it is just about time to bust out the fall decorations! I like the mini pumpkins and gourds in a big bowl…

What is your favorite decoration for fall??

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One thought on “PrOgREss

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of wonky hormonalness… Did you get Dr. Lee’s book on Pre-menopause? It’s awesome, and it addresses the adrenal fatigue connection – the more AF you are, the more the body uses the other hormones to make cortisol which forces us into menopause like symptoms…

    Stoopid adrenals… LOL!

    YAY on the happy yoga challenge results!!

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