Prepping for a Spending Freeze

A no…what?

Stop laughing, I can do this. I’ve tried before but failed. So why am I trying this again (in August, all thirty-one days). I failed before because I did not prep for battle. As always, I galloped toward the melee of “I’m going to do this” with out properly out-fitting myself with the battle plan.

Ok, Lissy, what is so different this time.  Well, let me introduce Ruth Soukop to you. She the wonderful lady behind the blog Living Well Spending Less and the author of Unstuffed. I’ve been following her for about a year when I came across her 31 day spending freeze challenge (you know I love me a challenge).

This year, I picked August for my Spending Freeze. This is mostly due to the fact that I don’t have any holiday’s, birthday’s or appointments for the month. I equipped myself with all the emails that came with the challenge in three-ring binder and have begun my prep.

First step – don’t stock up. Use what ya got, or do without! (or borrow, barter, exchange)

Second Step – Inventory your resources. Check the pantry, freezer, you know the drill!

Third Step – Menu plan. Ugh, srsly, this is the worst step ever! I’m working on this prep step now. By the end of July I will have a meal plan for my breakfast and lunches…oy!

Forth Step – Give yourself an End Goal – Mine, I would like to put what I have saved towards my emergency savings.

Fifth Step – Do the activities recommended in the challenge (you can also pick up a kindle version of the challenge on Amazon.)

Sixth Step – Motivate yourself! I picked out some Dave Ramey quotes to add to the days that I’m thinking of tapping out of the challenge.

Seventh Step – Clear your schedule of money inducing commitments. Let your friends know that you’ll be staying in, celebrating financial success and you’ll have beers with them next month.

So, you up for the challenge?  If so, follow me on twitter with the hashtag #DFKFreeze2016, I’ll be posting daily of my trials and tribulations of the challenge starting August 1st!


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made by me using pickmonkey
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6 thoughts on “Prepping for a Spending Freeze

  1. Bwaaahahaha.

    But really, I’m proud of you and know you can do it. The past is the past and you keep finding ways to work through this instead of throwing in the towel all together. Awesome!

    We’ll talk more about it cuz I’m on a no spend time now to regroup from my Extra expenses and reduced income… eeps. I’ll definitely need to carry it over to August!

  2. I will be able to do this halfway. Mostly because of the grocery part. Minimal budget on groceries, no take away dinners or lunch out at work, no buying books (yesterday, I went to get The Three Musketeers and also wound up with a book on Tesla and a bar of divine soap made in England), and movie date nights have to be Netflix or what is on hand. I think I can do that much.

    1. Yay! I am very happy that you’ll be joining the challenge. Follow me on twitter, I will be sending out positive reinforcement for the whole 31 days!

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