PaSSioN & PuRpOSe

Just a week ago I posted about how I felt blah and down in the pit of Woe is Me. I finished my weary post and began the daily task of going through my emails and eventually found myself looking up courses with DailyOM. I have taken quite a few courses from them and have walked away fairly happy with what I have learned.

The Universe always has a way of bringing you what you need or looking for. I choose the course Live the Life You Are Meant to Live. It is an eight week e-course on Passion and Purpose. So for the next eight weeks are so, I will be blogging about what I am learning and any other introspection’s I can muster up.

My “homework” this past week was about delving into the child I once was and remember what brought me the most joy in my life. With a guided meditation provided in the course I remembered the joy I had learning the xylophone in grade school and being in drama class (in junior high, the high school version was a total nightmare). Other things I remember was playing secretary, being outdoors (like bike riding) and dancing, lots and lots of dancing.

None of these seem to have a part of my life right now, except music maybe. Listening to it, not playing.

The suggestions that came of out the first sessions was to try new and novel things each week (this week was cooking a new recipe), allow for any outcome (kinda, try it and see if ya like it), sit with the discomfort (don’t let the difficulties discourage you), stop planning, just do (Yikes!) and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

The last few days have been exceptional. A recent visit to my doctor and new supplement has me feeling more energy than I have in months. I feel awake again and excited. That is what passion is all about, having a zest for life. My zest was missing some glitter for sure.

Though I don’t see xylophone lessons in my future, I do see a passion for creativity and entrepreneurship brewing. With those two things there comes the novel new things to try, allowing for any outcome that it brings, learning and trusting through the discomfort and having fun.

What are you most passionate about?

Au revoir!

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