PaRt TwO: EmERgenCY SaVinGs

Confession: I spent my savings to buy Christmas presents last year!

Not a well thought out plan.  Christmas was awesome…savings is Zero!

Not this year, I have already set my Emergency Savings for 2013 to be $1800. Each month, ING (now called 360 or something like that) draws the set amount right out my account. This is not a big percentage of my income but it is a good start. Baby Steps!

So about Christmas…well, I think this is where a good old-fashioned Christmas Club savings will come in handy. Not only will it help out with the holidays but birthdays as well.  I set up a category in my Cash Envelopes for Gift money. This should take care of both these areas for 2013!

Do credit unions have Christmas Club accounts anymore?

Next months goal…Regular savings


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