OtHeR PeoPles TrAsH

Hello, my name is Alyssa and I am a triftaholic!

It’s no lie, I average about three trips per week to the thrift shop. I keep an eye out of decorative items, vintage finds and purses…I seem to get one each time I stop by the thrift shop. I have shared finds before and will make it a more regular feature of the blog.

I have a book I travel with that holds a list of items I would like to have for the apartment. Along with that, I also keep an eye out for things I can use for my etsy shop (see the link on the side bar, it will take you right to my shop!).  A recent trip to Epic was just that…EPIC! JJDouglasPaperCo is a handmade envelope company and what does a paper company need? A guillotine paper cutter!!! FOR $2.99! Oh hells yeah!

The downside to this new obsession is bringing too many things into the apartment. With this, I am implementing a new rule. For every one thrifted item I bring into the house, I have to remove (donate) one item from the apartment. This should help maintain my spending and I don’t turn into crazy thrift shop lady.

What was the best item you got from a thrift shop??

au revoir

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