OMG! Is It Winter Yet?

As much as I would love to complain about the state of my health…this is not the forum to do so. Not only does it bring me down but who really wants to read your blabber on your complaints. I know I don’t, I skip that shite and move on.

This month has been rough though. A horrid flare and the firing of my rheumatologist. Kinda happy I got my meds prior to sacking his ass. Why did I dump him? Apparently, you can’t be doing well on a Friday and then have a flare on Sunday…srsly? And you treat peeps for Fibro?

Anyway, this got me thinking on what I haven’t been doing to keep my health in check. I have been so vague about it lately that it’s beginning to show. My copious amount of online spending has gone up, I’m eating like a teenager and I srsly can’t tell you when the last time I drank a full glass of water (as I sip my morning coffee).

Taking care of my chronic illness is a fulltime business. It goes right up there with writing my blog posts, filming my YouTube videos and working forty hours a week. It has to take its place in my planning and if I have too (and I will), I’ll make my own damn insert to help focus on my daily health (tongue in cheek, and not Mrs. Monkey, I won’t buy another planner…maybe).

There are days that I feel that one more thing is going to break me…then I take a nap and wake up and do it anyway.



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3 thoughts on “OMG! Is It Winter Yet?

  1. YES!!! To all that and then some. And that just lit a dim bulb in my head. 😀

    It’s so frustrating to have the spoonie waxing and waning energy levels, because it doesn’t help with being consistent with behaviors. We’ve been struggling with being vague on grocery shopping, cooking, plans, etc., and it’s showing with increased flares, weight and messes in the house, along with decreased money, patience and energy, etc. We do really well for a while then a small stumble throws us off track for a month or more.

    Time to stop being vague and take baby steps to develop concrete shopping lists, and daily/weekly routines. Suggestions?!

    It’s a journey and I’m glad to be on it with my bestest monkey bud!

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