#OLW/Journal Update – I’m doing it wrong

Raise your hands if you have taken on a project and then left it to rot, but not really on purpose. Yea, no srsly, raise your hand. We all have the best intentions with our creative projects and journaling. I have about thirty unused notebooks to prove that.

When I began One Little Word in January, my intentions were good. I had my word (accountability, in case you totally forgot) and my all the project life cards, inserts…ya get it right?

Basically, I am doing it wrong. I am not a project life girl. I have discovered lately, I’m more of “Oh, I like what this picture represents, let’s slap it on a page” girl. Call it Creative Journaling, Collage. What ever you want but it’s working for me.

Pictures next month my darling readers.  I have glue in my hair at the moment.



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2 thoughts on “#OLW/Journal Update – I’m doing it wrong

  1. I’m kinda there with you… I’ve let it slide, but I also let the idea of the OLW evolve. Life changes really quickly and while the one word can be a general overall theme to the year and things you do, there are other, smaller but still significant messages that come through to focus on.

    Accountability needs a lot of things: humility, patience, grace, mercy, creativity, clarity, etc… maybe break it down each week or month to pick a sub-theme to meditate on.

    You rock!!!

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