oh LofT, my LofT

Fall. It’s kinda here (as much as Arizonians can call Fall). The days are getting shorter and the weather is finally below a billion degrees! It’s my nesting time. It’s time to decorate people!!

My portion of what I call Redwood Homestead is the master bed & bath and upstairs balcony.  Since it stores everything but the kitchen sink, I have named it “The Loft”.  I feel that it’s time to upgrade, re-do or re-organize the space. So guess what!? At the end of each month (hopefully) I will give you a before and after of my latest works on the loft. First up will be the patio…

Now to decide if I want a vintage industrial vibe.or a boho vibe??

or an eclectic vibe??

Source: Q Home Decor


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One thought on “oh LofT, my LofT

  1. You want the easy to move around and find the things you need vibe. I suggest a trip to IKEA. (At least that’s what I’d do).

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