I feel like I haven’t written in a month! I have been trying to get my blog onto a self-hosted site. It seems to be beyond my computer skill level! I hope to have this all figured out within the week! Stay tuned!!

I am currently on Not Vacation (Leave of Absence) from work. I am taking the next couple of weeks to rest and get some additional therapies in without the stress of work. This also means going through the kitchen cupboards and donating any and all processed foods. I am working on incorporating more fresh foods {which includes those dreaded vegetable things} and less processed. This has not been an easy feat for me. I am so about convenience and less about hours spent in the kitchen. I have been searching the web for healthy, easy to prepare meals. They are out there and they look yummy!

The weight thing is killing me as I worked so hard the last couple years to get rid of Chubby Me. I don’t like being uncomfortable in my clothes. I worked too damn hard to be overweight again. As I see it, I have about twelve pounds to lose. It is my perfect weight. I feel just right, just slightly above norm for my size. I am still maintaining my weight {not gaining, not losing} which makes me happy. I know that due to the fatigue that metabolism is at a stand still.

This rest period also allows me to get some small, less taxing things done. Like setting up a filing system for JJDouglasPaperCo, naps, blogging, naps and of yeah, naps.

If things work out, I will probably get a start on Great 2012 Room Switchover. I use a room template the other day and have the new rooms all laid out. It looks like to will all fit. It is just a matter of getting my brute force over to help get things move. That is a tentative plan.

It has been gorgeous here in the land of the eternal sun. My plans consist of sweeping the porch, washing the DOG and cleaning up the apartment. I have scheduled mandatory nap times too.


Au revoir!

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One thought on “NoT VaCAtIoN

  1. Make sure you rest more than anything during this non-vaction! And sadly, the extra weight is probably helping keep things from _totally_ bottoming out. The leaner you are, the less reserves you have for energy, immunity, etc. (sux, but lesson learned the hard way for me, too. Meh.) The more you rest, take your vitamins (and eat your veggies ::runs away::) faster you’ll heal!

    So glad you’ve got this time!!!

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