No WaNNA!!

In about ten days I will be heading out to a big event for my SCA group. Right now, I could care less about preparing. My no wanna meter has hit 11 and I would rather blog about it, than prepare for it. My head is wrapped up in other pressing issues.  My SUV, Maggie,  my trusty friend and travel companion is slowly dying. I just recently paid her off and now she is showing her age. Something is going on with the thermostat housing (according to my mechanic) and she is leaking coolant. I am really trying to remain calm and not dwell on the ‘what if’s’ and just let the Universe direct me. It ain’t easy.

There are just a couple of items I need to get completed for my event. I have it pretty easy this year as I am not camping but staying in one of the rooms on site. I am happy about it as I can pretty much stay away from certain drama filled camps. I am excited about meeting some people I have only corresponded with and hanging with my sister, Miss Thea and other wonderful friends. I am sure the fervor for War will surface once I deal with my automobile issues.

I am reading up on some blog ideas and am still trying to focus my blog into a cohesive image. There are just so many things that I am interested in and I don’t want this to be a jumbled mess. How do I string together the thoughts of money, gardening, faith, hobbies, life, simplicity, and still make it readable? As I review others blogs, they do focus on one subject matter. So do I want my blog to be about my journey of simplicity? My tag line is about Abundance, Devotion and Sustainability…ummmmmm…hello, it’s staring you in the face Stobaugh! Heh, sometimes just writing things out helps get that creativity going. Love it when that happens.

This helped a lot, and now I can work on getting this blog up and going with more posts and things. Quirky, fun, heart-felt posts. So excited!

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