nO SpEnD SuNDay

Whose up for a new year challenge?? I am! One small challenge to start off the new year. For the next twelve months I will have a No Spend Sunday.  WHAT?


Yea, Sunday is a day of rest…from everything! (well, except blogging in bed!). This now needs to include no spending (see rules below).  I have found that my Sunday needs to be as relaxing as one can get. No laundry, re-arranging furniture or landscaping the back yard. It’s for resting, blogging and planning my week in my thrifted Filofax! Art journaling or reading.  Or watching movies with mom!!

So what are the rules??

  1. In emergency only, basic food items can be bought (milk, cream, lunch or Chinese Food dinner)
  2. No internet purchases i.e. Etsy, Pick Your Plum or Amazon!
  3. No thrifting

That’s it. Nothing more than that. Told you, it’s just a small challenge to start the new year.

What challenge did you give yourself this January??


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2 thoughts on “nO SpEnD SuNDay

  1. My goal for the next couple of months: I won’t buy any new yarn!!!

    I have the yarn I need for the projects I have lined up (ok all but one… need to find that, but not till Feb.)

    Love the no internet shopping on Sunday’s! Need to re-institute Sunday’s being for resting and prepping for the week, that’s it.

  2. That is why I just started with Sunday…then I can move onto other challenges (like No Spend on Planners…who am I kidding ;P)

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