No GrAin HooMan!

Major confession time.

I most assuredly believe that my precious little pooch eats far better than I do!

There, I said it!

On a good day, I am 85 ok 65% on track on being Paleo/Primal in my food choices!

However, Hermione’s food is all grain free! Little bugger! I found Nature’s Variety at a local pet food store that specialized in “healthier” food for pets. So, if it was Alpo you were looking for, that was not the place. With my most recent move, I was a bit worried about finding a good store that have healthy choices for my dog.  We were pretty lucky to live by a Pet Planet. I highly suggest a visit when you have an opportunity. Gracious, knowledgeable peeps there to help you make the best choices for your pets.

The NonDogs (cats, in Hermione Speak) are like their hooman, junk food junkies. I tried changing them to a better diet but they revolted and well, it was revolting to clean up after!

Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost


Does your pooch eat better than you!?!

Not a paid review, just my review of a very good product!

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