I have been super neglectful of my dear blog as of late. I seem to be in a funk and can’t shake it.

Since I am so busy with life, business, hobby and career I have found that I need to break my days of the week into manageable tasks. Monday, that is finance day. I have chosen to go through my mail, file papers, review my calendar…anything that has to do with my mundane life. Tuesday will be dedicated to A C N and attending the Business Meeting. Wednesday. It’s a free day of sorts. It will be used for errands and general pickup around the house (cleaning/laundry). Thursday is all about the hobby. This is for dealing with SCA projects, emails, officer duties etc.  Friday is date nite…or watching tv by myself. Saturday and Sunday are open for me attending events and attending scrapbooking days.

This schedule has allowed me not to get overwhelmed with all I have going on.

November is without a goal though. Oh, I take that back. November is all about getting my electronic life together. Several of the blogs I read have great ideas for time management, storing photos, and dealing with copious amounts of emails. Sometimes, it is just worth hitting unsubscribe to Buy Me Now emails…less items to delete!

I am still working on some many things. When I am overwhelmed, I shut down and I am feeling the effects the last few weeks. Tonight, I am going to lazy and watch some tv as I have a pretty busy weekend planned.

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