mY bAD!!!

Holy Baby Jebus! I have been so caught up in my work that I have failed to post! Not a good plan!

Things at work have been super busy and soon my hours will be changing to 5am to 2pm. I started this week working out a schedule and seeing what time was good to go to bed and if I could even wake up at 3am. Indeed I can! I should know within a couple of weeks if my schedule will change. Until then, I am going to keep the schedule and get as many of my overtime hours in so I don’t have to spend another Saturday at work.

This last bout of depression and learning that my adrenal system is wonky (wonky is a medical term!) has made me into a lump. I know that I will get better but it’s doing me no good to sit on my ass and wish it away. I need to be healthy! Damn it Woman, take a vitamin, go for a walk…DO SOMETHING!

Oh, and another thing. Why is it that inspiration hits when I am trying to go to sleep!? I have a creative idea brewing in my head right now and I am working on the details! I would like to see this come to fruition! It’s not often that I actually feel that I am good at something but I may have found something that even I can’t fuck up!

The holidays are coming on fast. Soon I will be hosting my family for Thanksgiving dinner. We are having Cornish Hens, I refuse to cook a turkey…I hate turkey! What is more exciting is that I get to spend it with my family!

I guess I should figure out my grocery shopping for the week and plan out my weekend.

au revoir

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