MoVIng On

I didn’t get to the park as I promised I would do. I drove there and some people decided to have some kind of festival instead…rude! I did however, get a chance to sit down and get some thing written down which made me feel so much better. Whiney post aside, it was cathartic to get it out of my head. I always say, if you have something nagging your brain, write it out.

There are times when I have so much I want to do that I tend to jump in with both feet forgetting to check how deep the pool is. This weekends ‘write it all out’ really helped get the creative juices flowing but I also feel a bit less jumbled.

I am having a blast working on this blog and that has given me a new passion to play with.

Which brings me up to the lesson from the DailyOM course I have been taking. The premises of the lesson was to write down twenty things that made you happy. My list made it to eighteen. In it are things like, yoga, movies, reading, hanging with friends, taking Hermione places, and a few more random things. The goal was to pick one of these things and do it.

So I took my fluffy little dog out shopping for her BFF’s belated birthday gift. We picked out a little toy for Minnie who’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago. Her mommy had been sick and forgot to tell me until recently. She picked out a little teddy bear toy and then wanted snacks. Yea, just like her momma!

Of course there are a few photos.

au revoir!

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