Mission Report: Profiling The Suspect

Mission Status: Observation of Suspects Behavioral Attitudes in Spending

The gathered intelligence was that the Suspect would be participating in a No Spend Month in March. The suspect abruptly changed positions and that status abruptly changed. Through information from a Confidential Informant, we have ascertained that the Suspect is laying low. From what we obtained, is watching her money rather closely.  In the photographic evidence below we know for certain there has been a lull in our Suspects spending habits.

The evidence suggests that the Suspect is connecting her emotional status to how she spends. We witnessed the Suspect at two major big-box stores but arrived to home base with no new purchases.

We will continue surveillance at this time.

Light Green = No Money Spent; Pink = $ spent of food not made at home; Orange = $ spent while tired/in pain; Red = Impulse Purchase not on the 30 day wait list; Purple = all out shopapolooza
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2 thoughts on “Mission Report: Profiling The Suspect

  1. Excellent tracker and easy to ID the triggers. Since part of the process is learning new behaviors, we have to figure out what our old behaviors are and how to cut them off at the knees… er… redirect our attentions and continue to learn about ourselves and our motives. Keep up the good work!

    1. I think I will continue with this tracker each month. It really has the “stop and think” thing going for it.

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