MaDe In THe USA!

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August has two challenges for me!! First is re-designing the patio and outdoor storage area. With the haboobs and monsoons this summer, the patio is looking pretty dingy. Not to mention, over run with spiders {this is where I am going to test out the pin I found getting rid the earth octopuses!} Plus, I hastily stored items from my anachronistic days and they need to be stored correctly with cedar blocks and such. Don’t want to lose such beautiful clothes to nasty ass bugs!

Have you heard about the Made In America Series on ABC World News?? {Click here} It shows us how it is possible to purchase items made here in our country! Showcasing companies and individuals who supply everything to clothing and furniture. ABC’s link also shows an interactive map of where to purchase many items used in our homes. So, I am pledging to purchase only items made in the USA this month – August 1st to September 1st –

Rules are simple and apply to new purchases (i.e. food, clothing) and thrift shop finds. I will post pictures at the end of the challenge to show you what I found.

Hope you join me in supporting our country and our economy by purchasing items made only in USA!
bye bye

8/5/2012 – I decided that since the object of thrift shops is to benefit local charities, the rule of buying foreign does not apply. But strongly encouraged – lyssa

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