LiFe, LIbErTy & THe PUrsUit oF CoOkIeS

Time flies, whether we are having fun or not. Recently, I took myself to Urgent Care because I had been dizzy for about three straight days. I had/have a minor infection and no explanation for the current status of being dizzy. However, I finally got a doctor to listen to me about my migraines. So today was my CT scan. Not a bad trip at all and was rather quick. Now it is just waiting to hear about the results. I was told that I should have them soon but my soon and their soon is two different things entirely.

Spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry and seeing to things that I have not had a chance to resolve (like mail sitting in my mail box). Friends are coming by later to take me to DQ cuz this mOnkey needs some ice cream. Later, I gonna make some lists. I have what seems like elevenitybillion projects looming around my skull and I think it is time to put pen to paper.

Found some incredible sites today. Check out It is a website that home delivers items like toothpaste to stamps with no shipping. Also, they have a rather great selection of eco-friendly products. Also, links your grocery shopper card to the electronic coupons so that on your next visit your coupons are already on your card.

Waiting seems to be my game right now. Either in regards to my work, life or health. Patience is not my strong suit.

and mOnkey my dear, there are no cookies.

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2 thoughts on “LiFe, LIbErTy & THe PUrsUit oF CoOkIeS

  1. Way cool – going to check out those sites… any less shopping I can do the better!

    Been worried about your health, too! May be time to take drastic action with your eating… more critter, less grain, or something like that. Sometimes getting rid of known offenders for a while helps to ID if it’s something you’re doing and is easily fixed, or if it’s something your body is doing and needs outside help.


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