lE pEtiT JaRDiN ~ Sow it starts

Today I started my first seeds for my garden. I am starting with Shasta Daisy, Zinnia, Marigolds and Cosmos. I am using egg shells for the seedlings. They should be germinating within the next 5 to 8 days. The seeds are currently hanging out on the stove but I think they will like the laundry area where it is rather warm. Found out that Home Depot is carrying an organic seed selection by Ferry-Morse and Martha Stewart. However, I am going to order some seeds from mail order catalog as I have found some heirloom and plants specific to container gardening.

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One thought on “lE pEtiT JaRDiN ~ Sow it starts

  1. What an awesome idea with the egg shells! Much better than getting those little pressed soil pods! You’re so crafty, mOnkey!

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