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One of numerous conditions that come with Fibromyalgia is “fibro fog” (as explained by WebMd; a total loss of energy and difficulty concentrating). This condition is of the devil, not only will you forget words, forget schedules but you could end up taking your medication twice because you literally can’t remember taking it thirty seconds ago. Srsly! It’s happened.

So, what does one do to combat this evil villain? First, we nap…kidding

Today, I would like to introduce you to my little friends

First, let’s go digital. There are two smart phone apps that I utilize that serve as a reminder to take my meds and another to record my pain and flare days. I use Pillboxie to record the time I need to take my meds, the milligrams and dosage. It can be checked off when the pill is taken and can also be sent via email in case you need to give a physician an accurate picture of your medication

The other app I utilize is My Pain Diary: Chronic Pain and Symptom tracker. This is a great, customizable tool to record your migraines, pain levels, type of pain, and what you did to recover. It does come with a cost but I consider it worth the price.

The second item I use are my personal planners. I haven’t looked up the scientific facts but writing something down does sometimes help with the memory…sometimes being operative word here. I have to admit, it’s not a fail-safe measure but it is mighty helpful. 

I keep a classic size Aurora Franklin Covey planner for my main calendar. This binder also contains this blogs planner as well. All appointments, reminders and blog plans are in this binder.


For my day-to-day activities I use a personal size filofax. (see my instagram account @dragonflykeep or #dragonflykeep for my daily picture challenges using this planner). Currently, I print out the inserts from the DIYFish Life Mapping system I have found through Etsy  I am using the LMPlanner, V2.1 for personal sized planners. It contains a day on two pages,  along with Monthly calendar, monthly checklist and weekly checklist.  I would recommend loading DIYFish into YouTube and see how others use this planning system.

With these tools, I can at least have a consistent record of my days. Yes, I make plans and they’re often marked cancelled or rescheduled. I feel lucky enough to have a tomorrow, even if all my items didn’t get finished that day.  It’s not to stress me out that I have vacuumed my closet in two weeks, just a reminder that when I have a moment of energy…that task can be done.

If this systems of days and trackers stresses you out and makes you anxious, try they brain dump method. Each night, prior to going to bed, write anything and everything down. Whatever is floating around in that head. Releasing those thought onto paper can help with sleeping a bit more peacefully.

Give these a try and let me know what works for you.

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