JuMPstARt My mOtiVatIoN

It’s November! And Arizona has finally gotten the memo and the weather is turning cold! Thank Sweet Baby Jebus!

It’s been a rough summer dealing with my depression. I seriously believe I could not have made it through without my family and good friends. Even it is was just having ice cream with me or coming over to visit each week or just sending a note of care. I have run my life on empty reserves for far too long. My candled didn’t have two ends…there was no candle!

Now it seems that I have received a jump start to get in gear again. I am losing weight again and am finding that I looking forward to being out and about. Even if it is just for a hour or so, it’s progress. I am working on launching a Etsy project that I hope to have ready by December 1st. Remember that late night burst of inspiration?? It seems to be coming to fruition quicker than I thought. I have received what I consider cosmic nudges (three of them in fact) which is my intuition telling me that I am heading in the right direction! I promise all will be revealed once I have product and my Etsy is ready! It will be on this site, I promise!!

In other news, a certain garden gnome has been very nice to me! I have received several plants on my patio the last few weeks and I could not be happier! I will not have any veggies or herbs until spring but for now, it looks rather pretty again at Le Petit Jardin! Now, I must remember to put “watering the plants” back on the daily to do list! I’ve received geraniums, African Daisy called “Voltage” and a couple of Plectranthus called “Mona Lavender”.

This weekend has been rather quiet. I have been putting as many hours I can during the week so I can enjoy my weekends. I do need the two days to rest and am not willing to get my body worn down. I have been taking care to not rush but I feel I have accomplished so much. I started the weekend with re-arranging a book case. I recently saw an episode of HGTV’s Great Rooms called Born Again Bohemian. The homeowner had a wonderful built in bookcase in the living room. She took all the books and arranged them by spine color. Black spines, blue, yellow…I am sure you can get the picture.

So, this inspired me to arrange mine the same way. Mine were previously arrange by topic, i.e. gardening, finance. This took up a lot of space as each shelf held a certain topic. The whole project took about 45 minutes and it opened up three extra shelves on the second book case. They are arranged by color and then each author is arranged alphabetically. And there is space to grow. With the open space on other book case, I was able to store craft supplies and my collection of decorating books.

The rest of the morning was spent running weekend errands and grocery shopping. I found some great things at the thrift shop too. The best was what I call a shop organizer. It was marked at $5.99…it was half day at GW…so it went home with me for $2.99! I also found a couple of books, two tops, a creative memories tote, two decorative boxes, an overnight bag, and two holly mugs to go with my holly holiday dishes.

Now it’s Sunday afternoon and my home smells of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Soon I will need to get ready for a new week. Until then, here’s some photos of the awesome shop organizer.

au revoir


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