Monday marks the eighth year since my dad passed. As always, July is a month of change. It always seems that my life gets altered in some way in July. I am either moving (which I don’t recommend when you are moving from Seattle to Phoenix), someone has passed, job loss, or job gain…it generally happens in July. Granted, the rest of the year is not left but for the most part…it’s this month. The 31st is also the tenth year anniversary of my returning to Arizona after being in Washington for three years. As it has been said ‘Time flies whether you’re having fun or not’.

I am sure there is some metaphysical reason for July being my month of tremendous change but I haven’t found it out yet. There are some changes I made this month that I feel pretty empowered by. First it was setting the apartment up, getting items together for gardening and leaving the SCA. I am pretty much done with the SCA for now. I asked the barony to remove me from the officer roles as I am no longer a paid member of the society. I removed myself from FB lists and yahoo groups. I need my break. I know in my heart that those who want to be around me will and those individuals have already proven themselves to me. I am heartbroken but I also know that these are the consequences of my actions. Honestly, I would rather garden, run or scrapbook then go to an event right now.

I do have some cool things planned for today. I am going to be visiting an Urban Homestead to see how one family is producing their food and having a sustainable home. I am hoping to be able to incorporate some ideas here at the apartment.

I am also picking up some seeds and soil today so I can get some items started for the fall. So excited! My mom and sis are visiting next week and will be bringing some of my garden things!!!! Once I have my potting bench, I will be set and can start setting the patio up for my garden. Which needs a name….a french name.  Hmmmm…I shall call it ‘le petit jardin’ (ha).

It’s time for coffee, laundry, breakfast, home blessing hour and feeding the dog!

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