It’S IN ThE AIr!!

Fall! It is just around the corner here in Hell. Granted, the calendar says fall is here. Arizona is last in just about everything and it hasn’t grasped onto Fall quite yet. My weather app in my computer says it’s 105 outside. Inside, however, it is Fall!

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. My state doesn’t really have seasons…it has hot, hotter and frackin hot and then it cools down for what we call fallwinterspring for a few months and then it is hot again. I don’t usually decorate the house for the spring and summer months but once September hits I bust out the decorations.

I wasn’t really ready for Halloween decorations, I wanted a different look for the apartment. So last Sunday, I attended a decorating for autumn class at Pottery Barn. (check a local store for details). I got some great ideas but found that I didn’t want to spend forty dollars on a fall wreath and a candle. Instead, I headed off to GW and found a fall wreath, candle, and a ceramic pumpkin for under fifteen dollars.

I didn’t put things out till today. With yet another migraine and fifty plus hours of work, I just looked at my purchases all week. Generally, my Sunday’s are spent relaxing and catching up on sleep. Today was not that kind of day. I just spent six hours fall cleaning my apartment. Whew! It was so worth the effort.

I started in the patio “le petit jardin” which needed to be swept and the old dead plants removed and prepped for fall plantings. After that I headed to WallyWorld for a new indoor broom. Once I got home I started cleaning. It wasn’t the usual “dust here, vacuum there” type of cleaning. It was a grand cleaning. Where the patio door gets cleaned, floors get washed, appliances get wiped down and the tub gets cleaned! And it needed it too. There was an trip to the recycling site and a break for lunch. It just looks so nice!

I am just going to relax for the rest of the afternoon and enjoy my apartment! I may have soup for dinner. Then again, it may be too hot!






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