It’S AlWaYs AbOUt ThE ShOEs

Couple of good finds this past month at the thrift shop. First had to be the Mascaro shoes I found at the local consignment shop called Turn-Style.  Original price tag was $29.00, I was able to purchase them for 75% off. Oh hells yeah! A quick search and I found the maker’s shoes start around $200 US. They will look sweet with a nice pair of slacks!!

Then there is the $5.99 chair that was 20% off at GW. One of numerous projects at the Redwood Homestead is to purchase four distinctive table chairs and then paint them in four different colors. So far, we have two of the four chairs.  There is a bit if repair work to one of the of the slats but otherwise it is a fairly comfortable sturdy chair.

PicMonkey Collage1a

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