Invisible Illness Week

Once again, I am letting my readers know about a the ministry that I support and the awareness they bring each year through Invisible Illness Week. This year’s theme is “I am just one..”

I hope you will take a moment to check the website and review the podcasts and videos.

This year the week starts on the 8th and runs to the 14th…check it out here


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One thought on “Invisible Illness Week

  1. Hello! my name is bekka and I am an avid planner addict! I just saw your awesome instagram account on Filofax UK. I saw your post about 6 days ago of the Target Items. Oh em GEE! I am going to go to the two Targets near me just to see if they have any! Any at all.

    I missed out on the last page flags they had.. I am too bummed. Hopefully I find some for my new Osterley.

    your new pal, Bekka

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