It is said that plans oft do go astray, and this months blogging was the victim. Arizona is swiftly moving into the hot season and the effects on my symptoms is staggering.

My flares are climbing again as I adjust to the heat.  I did what I could to research what to do about the change in symptoms, Sadly, is very little research on how climate affects Fibromyalgia. Basically, it has come down to self management and good ole trial & error.  So far, drinking lots of water is big key as well as adding salt to boost the electrolytes. Also, I introduced some nutrablasts using the NutriBullet system. {Hey, that’s one way to get those dang veggies in me!} Plus as much rest as possible. Whatever it takes!

Thus the hiatus. With the rough days, I just want to be home and in bed. This means I will need to adjust how I will blog. I purchased a used kindle and downloaded evernote so I can rest in my bed and type out my thoughts. This blog is my future and I have to figure out some adjustments to keep it going!
So no exercise thoughts this month…maybe in June? That will give me another thirty days to gauge how well these plans pan out!
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