If AT FiRst yOu doN’t SuCceEd,

StOp tRyIng, You’LL jUsT maKe mAtTeRs WoRSe!

All in All, it was a pretty pleasant Weekend. I took Friday off and took care of the car. I need new front/rear brakes and new battery cables. I will be going back to them, they were very good and very quick.  I am sure that I can get Silent John to help with the brekes and save a few hundred dollars.  Stayed home for most of the day which didn’t suck.

Saturday, I took Hermione to the cleaners. Went shopping at Trader Joe’s and Target and then was home before eleven. Worked on the kitchen and tried to straighten the place up. Got ready after my nap to got to MTJ’s birthday party. It was a good party but I was not prepared for Abby’s venom. So in respect to the situation, I am not playing nice any more. I tried to give an olive branch and was slapped with it. I did what I could to take care of the situation but that is all over and done. Now, it’s on Bitch…and you ain’t prepared for the shit I can throw.

Sunday, I did sleep in a bit. Looked through the news paper, clipped coupons and got ready to go to Nikki’s. Hung out with her, Mineko and a couple of Mineko’s best friends. I also purchases two large book cases, two storage cubbies, a curio rack, and a hutch top thingish….all for $20 bucks. Got home and unloaded the contents that are now taking over the hallway and the living room…cozy.

I have made a pact with myself in regards to my consumption.  I ‘m an over-spender and debtaholic. I am powerless over it right now and I must make the effort to face this. I wrote out a card yesterday to put in my wallet when I felt the need to spend. As of July 1st, I will be not buying anything new (with the exception of the health/safety/personal care items), recording my spending and going to the support group. It is part of the Sustainability portion of my year. I can now long hide from my addiction.

Now it is time to relax, get ready for tomorrow and turn off the TV.

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