I chOOse To…

This month will usher in the first year of my diagnosis. My most recent doctors visit reveals that the small changes I’ve been making are keeping me in tolerable pain levels and keeping me functional. This is good news indeed!  There is such an improvement from where I was last year in regards to my pain and fatigue {it’s still here, it just doesn’t visit as often} to now. I am encouraged beyond belief!

I had an opportunity to look a many of the chats and articles presented during the invisible illness week. So much information that it boggles my mind to write it all down for you. I encourage you to visit the site and see for yourself.  But as promised, I have given some thought of what I choose to do about invisible illness….



Next month, I will introduce to a collaboration between myself and two others that will do just that…educate others! So excited! If you want a sneak peek, check us out here



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2 thoughts on “I chOOse To…

  1. That is FANTASTIC news!! It’s so hard to make a drastic lifestyle change, and that in itself can create extra stress. I’m so proud of you for learning to be kind to yourself and finding what works for you!!

    1. It’s been an interesting year and I still have so much to learn. And even after a year, still gotta learn how to rest!!!

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