HOt! hOt! HoT!

No lie, my state is in hell. Northeast Arizona, the area is covered in the Wallow fire. While south of me, a fire is inching it’s way towards my family. They are currently safe, and have the car ready with family photos and prized possessions. I am exhausted from doing the rain dance non-stop! I am worried but am glad to know my family is prepared and ready to evacuate should the need arise!

Summer officially starts this week but we are already at 100 degree weather. Yuck!

The patio garden is doing alright. I am currently researching pesticides that are natural. Something is attacking my tomatoes before they have a chance to ripen. However, the herbs are taking over. The basil loves the patio! This weekend I replaced the daisies with a salmon colored Impatiens.

Life is getting busy once again with summer fun stuff. At least this will help me create some topics for the blog!

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One thought on “HOt! hOt! HoT!

  1. Basill will take over everything. It might even try to move into your house. I’ve seen it happen. Which means, you just gave me an idea of posting something I wrote long ago in a journal.

    But, remember, three months of paying our penance for lovely weather the rest of the year. It was nice having it so cool for so long, instead of kissing all good weather goodbye in April.

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