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A year has passed on my little humble blog and I noticed that I have not given myself a monthly challenge in quite a while. I came across one on the blog from Non Consumer Advocate called July Food Stamp Challenge. Based on what I read, for a family of one, my monthly budget should be $200. Which is right in line with what I spend anyway. However, I am taking a page from her blog and will also include the monies that I would spend on meals outside the home too. Yikes. That is really going to cut down on my trips to El Pollo Loco!

In other exciting news! I SAVED ENOUGH MONEY FROM MY COUPONING THAT I GET TO PURCHASE MY RED MICROWAVE! So damn excited! Since I started this in May, I have saved $75 dollars for the microwave. I told my mom today that I could not remember the last time I actually saved for something. I have either just purchased it and suffered the consequences or bought it on credit. So, I am going to pat myself on my back and head to the red dot store and get me my microwave!

July just started but it looks to be a good month already. I have signed up from some really fun classes on self-improvement, yoga, meditation, shopping and fitness. I have dropped an activity that was no longer bringing me joy and suddenly find that I have an abundance of other things opening up. I am going to look at it all and then select things that help me feel centered and focused. I am also thinking about going back to school…some many possibilities, so little time.

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