Health Statement

The first quarter of this year started out pretty rough health wise but I happy it was. I ended up with the flu but it really shed a lot of light into my current self-care plans and shifted my overall perspective on my state of health.

I am now able to differentiate between my metrics for fatigue and metrics for pain. My app, My Pain Journal, is keeping track of all of it. I could probably have tracked this in my planner. However, I tried and ended up confusing the hell out of myself.  Especially on the days I’m just happy to make it out of bed.

Now, if I would just remember to take my vitamins!

Yes, I know, they have an app for that.

This next quarter, I am keeping a food journal to see how my food affects me. I am still reducing my gluten intake and believe me, my body tells me when I have too much. Water and vitamins are also on that tracker. (I just keep forgetting them).

Changing my food and being aware (there’s that accountability thing again) of what I eat will be a fascinating challenge for myself.




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