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Pinterest is awesome. I love perusing the pins from peeps all over the world. Not only do I get an opportunity to see what interests my friends but I also get to find new and creative ways to change my world. I have seen a lot of blogs lately with peeps taking a pin and re-creating it in their own home.  So, here is my contribution. Small projects first, cuz that is how I roll. One my very first inspirations was from All Things Homie. We all have these rather ordinary thermostats that take up space, usually in the hallway. Taking a decorative frame to it, it then becomes exceptional.

I was rather lucky one day while venturing through Marshall’s. I found a gold decorative frame. For three dollars!!! I was so excited to find some something so quickly. I knew instantly that I could re-create one of my first pins. However, it almost didn’t happen. Unbeknownst to me, the glass was cracked and they didn’t want to sell it to me. Even a manager got involved. I basically said, “I don’t care about the glass but the frame is going home with me”…and it did! I was truly lucky as it fit perfectly! (I didn’t measure the space prior to finding the frame…so dang lucky!)

I secured mine with command strips and it makes me smile each time I see it. I thought about painting it white but white the apartments, I thought the difference would make it more of an eyesore. I left it in the gold and it looks great.

There are so many Pins in my DIY section that I am making this a regular posting. it’s tome to get creative!

au revoir!

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Very creative idea to make the ordinary exceptional
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