GoT A bUcK?

Over the next six months I am going to be working my budgeting and paperwork. In this move, I have learned that I can be organized! I just could use a bit of streamlining of my systems. I came cross a blog that I feel carries a bit of the Dave Ramsey philosophy. Her take is just not having two or three accounts but SEVEN {you can check her out here}. After reading her article, I have to reduce it down to six…cuz I ain’t married!

I said no resolutions for 2013, but I know this is one area that could use some “refining”.

Next month I will share about the Emergency Fund.


k, love ya, buh bye!





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2 thoughts on “GoT A bUcK?

  1. Thanks for linking to that blog – great post… though the thing with an HSA is you have to have a high deductible plan to go along with it. It doesn’t work with a traditional HMO type plan, and some companies don’t offer it as an option.

    I switched to a high deductible plan a couple of years ago and it was very scary at first – I mean, I was on the hook for any extra funds if I got sick and had to go to the doctor or be hospitalized. But my company offers a cafeteria plan (give us $XXX to put towards purchasing their insurance and can put the remainder in a FSA or HSA) and an money incentive for using a high deductible plan, so in the first year alone I manage to build it up to over $1,000, even using it for monthly medical expenses. Love that I can sort of direct my own health care as well.

    (Just a small plug for switching to a High Deductible plan. 🙂

    1. I use mine because a couple of my doctors are not covered by my insurance and vision care only covers eye exams for contacts every other year. I have mine checked every year. I have always had one and for someone who doesn’t do well in “savings” department, it sure covers my butt!

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