Gluten Free?!?


My whole life, I have been a peanut butter & jelly on Roman Meal wheat bread girl. PB&J (and sometimes butter, hey now…some peeps add bananas so no judging).  With all the reading and research one does when has a chronic illness, I have discovered a lot of on the topic of symptoms being aggravated by certain foods.

February’s goal was to search out what wheat based foods make me flare and or brought on other symptoms.  Thus far, tortillas…out.  Whole wheat bread…out.  Wheat based snack out…out.  Brown gravy…out (but I will sacrifice my tummy once a month for my bangers & mash).  Sourdough based English muffins and bread…in.

I have not been tested for any allergies for wheat, I am just doing an elimination trial so see how my body reacts to certain foods. Going forward, I will know what to eat and what not to eat.

This may mean no more Oreos…meh!

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