GimMie ThE CaSh

I have incorporated the cash envelopes for a couple of months now. I would say that this month was the best I have done thus far. Meaning? I didn’t take the cash to spend it one something it was not intended for!!!

I am a drunken sailor when it comes to have any bit of extra cash…even if it is just a dollar, I will find something to purchase. It feels like a monumental accomplishment to have something left over at the end of the month. This is one baby step I am happy to get to.

Observations from this challenge. Leave room for adjustments. Leave the envelopes at home. Again, leave the envelopes at home. I think that worked the best for me. I was able to save the cash for the specific reason it was set aside for. Also, it will allow me to set aside the money for upcoming obligations i.e. car registration. This contribution to the savings account makes me very happy.

I will check in again at the end of May to see I did with the next installment. Here’s an inspiring article on using cash envelopes. 

au revoir!

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