Recently, I went to Sierra Vista to visit my mother for her sixty-ninth birthday. I had such a wonderful time visiting, shopping, eating and just plan relaxing with the family. For the first time in about a year, I had some extra cash and spent like a fiend. I did come home with great finds but most importantly it was just being with family. It felt wonderful to have a dependable automobile, money in my pocket and being able to splurge on my family.

The past week was quite a week. I have had some tenderness in my left breast and went to the OB/Gyn to get it checked out. Two lumps were found and after an ultrasound and mammogram, it was determined to be dense tissue. Luckily, the tenderness is subsiding and I will certainly keep an “eye” on it.

Which leads me to some thoughts about “healthy living”. Thru my friend S.R., I was referred to a naturpathic doctor. Come May I will be meeting with her and get some things worked on. Like the migraines, tiredness and just being way too sick, way too often. I am slowly (and I mean slowly) changing my food choices. For example, fresh cooked foods vs packaged foods. One tiny change at a time. This topic will certainly be expounded upon as I do more research. I went as far as to dig out all my ayurvedic books again. I have the resources the make some good choices…JUST DO IT!

I have been playing around with finding a small house to rent in the area. I am longing to have a home again and would like to be able to have a bit of secured space for Hermione to run around in. Also, I want chickens! Just two or four chickens. Like these that live in this. I am working on paying off debts this year and think that the summer of next year will be a good time to move on from apartment living. I am putting it out to the universe that I am looking for a small two bed, one bath home, with a garage, yard, and a very willing owner who would allow for a lease option. Are you listening Universe??

I have a wonderful Easter dinner planned that I picked up from Sprouts yesterday. I will be having Pot Roast, veggies and smashed potatos. For desert, fresh cut strawberries along with whipped cream! I am setting a table, turning off the TV and enjoying a bountiful dinner for the holiday. I hope all of you are enjoying a wonderful day.

Below are some pictures of a few creative things I have done for Le Petite Jardin. I created some plant identification cards. Using blank business cards, Creative Memories stickers, and self sealing laminating pouches I created the following. The “fork” is the card holder.











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