FuLl FRidGe

As a young adult, I often told my family that I had three choices for dinner. 1) Cook 2) Order out or 3) Starve.  Well, 1 & 3 were not often my choices. As a result, my fridge and pantry are often bare. No so much now. My pantry is quickly filling up with a great supply of items. With my couponing, I have about two or three of everything in supply. I am still wavering on purchases of condiments. I may end up donating those items to a food bank. I just don’t use them enough to even have those in supply.

The best deals for me this past week were the 15 Sobe’s that I got for less than 5 bucks. Purchase 15, get $5 off and then the remaining 10 were .67 each, less 1.50 store coupon off of 5! CVS had a one day sale, .99 for a 12 pack of Pepsi! And the 16 pound bag of Boots & Barkley Indoor cat food for $8.99.  I am still only a month into my couponing adventure and am still very excited by it all.

I LOVE TO SHOP. The trips with the coupons are fun for me and fulfill that urge to shop. Also, I am learning to stick to my list a bit more than I have in the past. AND, I am saving money. I currently have 30 dollars toward my microwave purchase. Not every week results in a great amount of savings but the results are in the fridge. I am spending about five hours a week looking  deals on the items I need. Some times the deals work and there have been a couple of deals that were not even on the shelves. I am thankful for the money I am saving and getting my debts chopped down.

And you know what, my options for dinner can be answered with #1, COOK!



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