Blogs, they have become my newest obsession….that and everything google. I have spent countless hours away from my tv just sit and visit (virtual) strangers and catch a glimpse of their lives. My choices range from Urban Homestead to Vintage to Crafty to Compacty. It all started here on design*sponge. It has grown to about 30+ blogs that I read on a daily basis. In so many ways, it has opened my eyes to the perspectives of other women. It’s just another community of like-minded individuals that don’t know each other. I am not sure who is reading my posts but to know someone is, well, that’s just cool.

Then there is google! It is the coolest thing since sliced bread, people! At first, I could not stand the gmail….”Where are the folders?” Now, I have about 32 different labels that categorize the emails. Click on the label, boom, all the emails lined up for me to review or destroy (delete, i like destroy better). Google docs, it rocks. Calendar, well, life-saver! And I can access this from my blackberry, oh the joys of technology! It makes my heart pitter-pat!

But coolest part of it all is having Hermione, lying by my feets. Life, it is good, m’kay!

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