Financially Fit Sassy Pants

One more year to go on my la faillite, (google it) which means I better have some strong foundations built now to survive the onslaught of solvency.  There are traps and pot holes waiting me out there! I get a “buy a car with us” mailer at least every two weeks and even a couple of credit card applications – SAY NO TO DEBT!

I took a day to restructure my Cash Flow according to the suggestions from Dave Ramsey  I budgeted to zero and by July all my sink funds (car maintenance, etc) will be funded to date. I started out the year with five craft subscriptions and now I am down to two. Future purchases over $50 have a set budget and I’ve set two Sink Funds for car registration and road side assistance. (Home Girl don’t change tires, #sorrynotsorry).

Let me tell you what an emotional tidal wave of anxiety this created. Oy! You would have thought I was cutting off my fingers, one by one. I did walk away from the figures for about a week and realized, it ain’t as bad as I think. My bills are being paid. I am very blessed to be able to do that. Not so very long ago, I was stretching to the max and now I have a room to breathe. It’s like when you lose weight and put on a pair a pants that would cut off your circulation and now find you can breathe with comfort.

The Emergency fund is growing too, thanks to my many acorns.

My next hurdle it to pay off one last medical bill and prepare to pay taxes and student loans this time next year.


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