FiNal ThOughTs

I know for myself that this month of purchasing Made in the USA was an eye-opening experience. I know that my choices were not a huge world-changing impact on the global economy but for my small world it was HUGE.  I am going to continue with being cautious with my purchases and research as much as I can prior to purchasing something new.  I think I will have to take an international business lecture sometime in the future just so I can grasp why it is so economical to have something made thousands of miles away, than here…on our soil.

Somethings are easier to find but some were not. Like Mandarin Oranges (only canned in China)…seriously, could not find them anywhere.  Coconut milk, made in either China or Thailand (I opted for Thailand). American Flags…made in China or Vietnam…really?! Come ‘on! Often the “store brand” is a China made product and though cheaper than American made, I would purchase the American made and if I had coupon, it all worked out in my favor.

Some of the finds were just cool, like the Wolverine 1883 boot, made in the USA!  Or jeans, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans are American made and can be purchased at Macy’s.

What’s next for October?! I will have to ponder this!

bye for now!

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