Fear and Ducks

I think my word of the year should have been consistency. I have used a lot of excuses lately ranging from tired to the computer is broken. Some in my total control while others are beyond me and needed to be fixed.

I have had warnings to “get my big girl panties on and get to work” via situations at my nine-to-five. The major source of my income. It was that cosmic bitch slap that serves as a warning to make sure your little ducks in a row. And they aren’t – because of my inconsistency.

Dealing with fear
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It took a former co-worker of mine, to enter into my playground, to make me realize my own now or never is right here in front of me. I have a something to say and a why so what the eff is holding me back? F E A R

My motto should really be “fear is the mind killer” from Dune. It holds me back and compares me to others making me feel like my contribution lacks creativity. I’ve spent hours talking to women who find my seven streams of income idea intriguing and do-able. And I’m over here in my corner, frozen in fear.

What holds you back? Fear? Money? Failure? Time? Illness? I once heard a TedTalk* on failure that I am going to implement. It is a failure log. WHAT? Yes, this gentleman keep a log on all the things that didn’t work. It helped him remember where he started and not everything you touch will work. If a Fail Log sounds a bit uncomfortable – just call it a What Didn’t Work log.

Point is, do the work and if it fails, write it down. Then move to the next big idea. Stop being stagnant and inconsistent. (you do know I am talking about myself but am trying to encourage you!!??). The time is now.

Just do it!

laters, lissy

*P.S. I tried to find the TedTalk that I mentioned above and could not locate the One. I just remember that point that being made.

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One thought on “Fear and Ducks

  1. “Fear is the mind killer!” I heart my geeky monkey!!!

    You’ve got a great opportunity that’s interesting and relevant to a LOT of women and what’s the worst they could say? No? Ok, thanks for your time…. next….You’ve got this!

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