fAIre FaiLLite

This week will usher in a new chapter in my financial life. I am in a place between relief and utter devastation. Then, strangely, elation. I am happy to get the creditors behind me, get them paid and on with some financial security. It also means work, lots of work.

It’s my intention to continue with using Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace principals, keeping track of all expenditures and for God’s sake…saving a portion of my money!

I am so freaked out and really wish I didn’t have travel this path. With all that is going on with this economy, I feel fortunate that I even get a chance to pay people back.

This is a rather short post just for the simple fact that I don’t know what to feel.

au revoir!

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2 thoughts on “fAIre FaiLLite

  1. Sounds like you summed up your feelings pretty well. 🙂 It’s not an easy thing – I’m proud of you for facing the fear. Remember, God doesn’t bring you to the middle of a mess and dump you off… He brings you through to the other side, once you’ve learned the lessons you need to. HUG!!!

  2. Pat yourself on the back for taking the unpleasant bull by the horns and ………….. !

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