Expatriot of the Fast lane

Well, Summer is almost gone {who am I kidding, it’ll be in the 80’s until October!}. My summer hiatus is over and it’s time to get back into the swing of things here at the Keep. I’ve been working on some new postings and centering my focus for the blog. Cuz that is what the experts say…gotta have focus and….oh, shiny. Yea, I have the focus of a gnat but I will give it whirl and see where it lands me.

Last year the focus was on Stewardship of the home, heart and community…it was, trust me. I know that I’ve jumped around for many years with this blog and really appreciate those who have stuck around…I think there are two of you. Ha! Anyway, this year it is all about the journey and re-purposing. As I said in previous posts, I didn’t want my illness to be the center of my blog but it does have it’s impact on it, greatly. Thus the summer hiatus due to the weather/monsoon season taking a great toll on my health. Since I know this, I have had to devise plans to help keep this Keep rolling with new and fresh content. I trully look forward to what is to come for the blog and I hope you do to!!

The blog will have new monthly  updates from my Etsy store front {JJDouglasPaperCo}, thrifting/re-purposing, unboxing of monthly subscriptions {for craft fans & beauty fans}, fun tutorials, health update and product reviews! Are you excited??


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