DiE LaUgHIng

I will always love my bestie at Musings of a F.I.N.E mOnkey for introducing me to this weeks link. The Bloggess. Yep, it’s this weeks only link. She deserves to share this post with no one else! She makes me laugh and she has even made me cry. She may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I adore her humor, her fragility and her ever giving abundant heart.

Recently, she revealed her struggle with depression, self harm and about dealing with her issues with anxiety. Dealing with the adrenal issues has me running the gamut of emotional ups and downs. I have also dealt with clinical depression the last couple of years so hear someone as popular as her admit to such dark truths…I knew I was not alone. She has given us all some silver linings of hope (see it here) and her generosity started a movement called the Traveling Red Dress.

Give Jenny a try!  Learn about Beyonce {The Metal Chicken}, Juanita, her book, her audio book and her dear poor husband Victor. I hope you appreciate her just as much as I do

Au revoir!

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One thought on “DiE LaUgHIng

  1. Hugs!! And don’t forget about poor Copernicus!

    Cuz a hug is just a strangle that’s not finished. 😉

    I really appreciated her voicing her struggles as well – it’s so hard to be transparent about things like that because we always feel that we’re the only ones who are going through it… but there’s lots and lots of folks out there who can relate, and take comfort that you’re going _through_ it. It’s not something you’re meant to be stuck in forever!


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