Denial…it’s just a river

There is a part of me that is totally aware that I am an overspender. BUT OMG, I am in total denial. I just spent 23 dollars at the thrift shop buying baskets and terra cotta pots for the garden. I could have spent more but I left the debit card at home.  SMRT on my part. I talked myself out of my meeting last night and totally justified my purchase by telling myself that it’s secondhand…YA STILL SPENT THE ONLY23 DOLLARS in  your POCKET!

Anything worth doing is worth the turmoil and pain it causes…just look at where you are now. Six months ago your world collapsed. Now here you are making plans and dealing with things better than ever.  One day at a time my dear, one day at a time.

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One thought on “Denial…it’s just a river

  1. If it’s any consolation – there will come a time when you are tired of banging your head against the same wall over and over and over again.

    You have the power to stop any less than desireable habit, and replace it with a healthier one. Because it’s just that: a habit.

    Thing is, you have to want what the new habit has to offer a lot more than what the current habit is giving you. Look at what the new habit will bring to your life, what doors it will open in your life, not what you’re giving up.

    You can do it!

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