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There is nothing more frightening then leaving your comfort zone. I still have a hard time believing that skinny woman I see in the mirror is actually me. I am proud of my accomplishment in this area. I am proud to have maintained that weight loss and taking the steps nescessary to continue to stay healthy.

Now I have come to a new crossroad in my life. My apartment feels like a home and my ideas are quickly coming to fruition. It is every empowering to me. I think others see it too. Been told I look happier! Go me. My comfort zone is being bulldozed soon, I am going to become a Independent Representative of ACN. They are  a telecommunications company that offers internet, cell, phone and security services. I have borrowed every book in the library on network marketing. This is way out of my comfort zone. However, if I can even earn just $500 bucks a month I will be that much closer of taking care of my debts.  My biggest reason for doing this is to be able to get my mom on her feet again. I want her to have a comfortable ‘retirement’ and not worry if the bills get paid on time or how she is going to do it. Enough is enough. Same goes for me. In part, I have made a pact with myself. With ACN, I am required to attend weekly meetings for DA. No exceptions (except maybe a holiday). No matter how tired, worn out and pissy I am, I will attend. Anyone want to bookend that with me?? It’s time to shake things up a bit!!!

As for the seedlings….they are germinating!!!! and they ahve been watered and carefully monitored. Safe form pesky felines. Almost time to do some planting. w00t! Jana and mom brought some of my garden supplies when they visited this past weekend. I have my potting table!!! so excited!

Have a rather busy coming up. Friday, errands and help Jay clean the house. Saturday, I have a training from 10 to 1, followed by my hair appointment…so excited, cut and color!! The Sunday, I will most likely take myself to a early matinée of Despicable Me and laundry.

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  1. Find comfort in the discomfort for that’s where the mOnkey achieves things she never thought possible and gets the rewards she richly deserves.


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